Sherri Rosen weaves a tapestry of experiences, emotions and passion into her storytelling. When she is on stage, her colorful tales are vivid, alive and full of the rich wisdom of living as a New Yorker with a bodacious personality, a ton of passion and a whole lotta’ love.

Hal Peller,

Improv and storytelling teacher.

I have been coaching one of my longtime Improv students, Sherri Rosen with her storytelling piece she wanted to share at a storytelling show. We started with her writing it out word for word…then we met and she read it to me…it was a good story, however, it seemed to be missing something to bring me there. After using a story structure I learned from Jude Treder-Wolff who I met at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Montreal and added my Spolin Improvisation process we continued to work on Sherri’s story. Sherri worked hard on the whole process and I saw her perform the piece last night during our one on one coaching sessions and let me tell you, Sherri’s story brought me to tears.

I was completely blown away by her performance. This was no amateur story teller. It was as if Sherri has been telling stories to audiences for years. I was so proud of the work Sherri had done to accomplish this transformation!

Jude Trader Wolff, creator

of Mostly True Things.

Sherri Rosen is a courageous and compelling storyteller. She brings difficult and important truths to light and uses her acting skills as well as vivid language and images that keeps the audience riveted.